Friday, January 25, 2013

Lets do the time warp...

" My facebook link? Come on, Chris. You know you don't have any friends!"

Ad Hominem :-D

He finally responded to a single line on a three day old post.

How did he not notice it before?

Well, because, obviously he's illiterate moron, and is so obsessed he either A) Purposefully doesn't read informative posts, because he is destroyed in them (and doesn't understand them).  B) Is so infatuated with me he constantly thinks about sad third grade attempts to insult me. C) Proves my point that he still hasn't learned, in five days now, the first fifteen minutes of an intro class (Which I've provided for him before)

Remember, this is the guy who, when an independent third party read his words, realized he was so psychologically broken that they broke off a friendship. Then, instead of accepting reality, it's not a conspiracy and, somehow, someones independent realization they're a moron is me "hiding behind them"

This is the guy who, to the best of my knowledge, not posting every link on his facebook. Ignored me on facebook to run away to come to my blog the nest day...But he's the one not hiding, and I am.

But, you're right. A mutual friend saw how fucked in the head you were, and stopped being friends with you implies I'm the one without friends :-D  I bet the dullards thinks having 400 friends on facebook, as though you were a 14 year old girl, is a reflection of how well people like you.

Well, sweetie, you've proven your level of ignorance. It took you three days to notice a single line in something you should have read days ago.

I understand your mindset perfectly, you are willfully ignorant because you realize that, to learn would shine a light on just how inferior you are. You prove you either: A) Haven't read something for 3 days, but somehow pretended to respond to it. or  B) Took you three days to think of that scathing retort.

Either way, completely broken.

So, here's the deal, my depressingly ignorant, and psychological disorder grab-bag of a friend. You showed the power of your intellect, or lack thereof, once again. So, in a month, I'll re-open comments for you. Maybe I'll make an additional facebook account to let you know when I do. I fully expect you to have learned

As well as posting every blog post regarding you, and all of your responses, on your facebook page (because you're not ashamed of being "right" are you... hrrmmm.)

I also encourage you to go to your local college, with printouts of all these discussions, show them to your local philosophy and psychology department. I am not being hyperbolic, I honestly want you to gather more data. It's what anyone who is not ashamed of themselves would do.

If you prove that you actually aren't as willfully ignorant as you constantly display, I will literally be stunned .P.S. you may want to look up what stunned means, since, you know, you honestly think it means hit on the head lolz.

So, prove you're still an ignorant idiot, or prove that, maybe, just maybe, you're only on millions as pathetic. ignorant, and psychologically broken as you act?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lol, the worst grasping at straws ever...

PS, I love philosophy majors! They always make sure that my latte's are steamed to perfection. "

Yep, just like Ben Franklin, right?

Or, wait...


It takes a special kind of stupid to insult someone for valuing education and intellectualism, while having neither.

Wow. Lol.

Edit: What you just did was an actual Ad Hominem. I know you don't realize it, because you're so ignorant you don't know what one is... but that's what makes it so funny :-D

Sidenote: No one told me you worked at Hollywood video, either. I just knew you were a coworker of Kerensa, so I guessed her most menial job in her history. You haven't said otherwise, yet, so I assume I'm correct about that. Maybe it was a step up, and it was the prestigious Game Stop. Did you feel intelligent surrounded by the unparalleled intellects that those jobs create?

Working there, while I was spent my day debating PhDs and BAs, and those on their way to either one or both. Hrm. I wonder, who, in this conversation has taken a step down into the muck, and who is scratching desperately at the ivory tower, in the hopes he can damage it, since its very existence proves how little he means.

At this point, I honestly think this guy looks into the mirror, introspects and sees how pathetic he is, then his psyche rejects it and then he tries to project his personality onto me. It's about the only explanation at this point. Plus his constant obsession with me, constantly trying to yell at me and come to my blog while still not even reading, watching, or understanding absolutely anything given or shown to him... I don't know if he's in love with me, or what, but he'd rather prove to me he's the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect, simply for the chance to type to me, repeatedly, than to spend his time reading and understanding.

Holy shit

"We've heard you quote your logic textbooks ad nauseum. Not heard you engage what I said. At all. You're clearly using it as an excuse to not engage the discussion."

Wow. He still doesn't know what logic, or an argument is. I've destroyed EVERYTHING he said, and he sitll doesn't understand it. HOLY FUCK.

But thanks, a high school educated idiot, wallowing in the Dunning-Kruger effect, who hasn't learned what a single word means in FOUR days, gave me an award.

How scathing. I'll use my diploma to wipe my tears.


I've destroyed everything you said. YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND THAT.

How can someone honestly be that ignorant. You see, 100% of my predictions came true.

That is sad. Now I'm going to have stop commenting on my blog...because there is a human being so ignorant he can't understand what logic is after hours.

Because he is so stupid all he says is "All you do is follow the rules of the universe, instead of being so retarded you make shit up."

My god. Post all this on your facebook. I want to see all your friends abandon you. I love it

Seriously, this is  human being who spent hours proving he's ignorant of everything, but hasn't spent an hour listening to the FIRST CLASS of an INTRO LEVEL COURSE to understand how stupid he is.



"Let's have a straight - up conversation about this. Put your diploma where your balls are supposed to be and directly engage what I stated, in very clear english, in the post about your lovely award. I'd love to find a moderator and have this out, because hiding behind your diploma is almost as pathetic as you hiding behind a 90 pound girl. Take a swing, chief. You've been flailing away at me for days now without engaging what I said. Presumably because you're incapable, because you've had every opportunity. You really are a fatuous, pretentious, sad little pussy, and that award is 100% spot on. "

He is still too stupid to understand the most fundamental concepts.

By "Very clear English" he means "So dumbed down and stupid I can understand it, because I don't understand big-boy talk"

How can he not understand, after 4 days and dozens of pages, and in my last post, I clearly put up 3 arguments, in the MOST BASIC FORM POSSIBLE, and he still didn't understand. I have destroyed him, and he is too ignorant to know it. And he simply comes hee and says I've been flailing for days and not engaging what he said.

I have a blog post, that goes into such detail I break down his entire post and destroy it, sentence by sentence.

And now he comes here to prove he's still too stupid to understand that.

He also believes a Diploma is an "Award." I guess when you're too ignorant and stupid to obtain one,  or in 4 days learn 1/100th of the information given to you by an expert, the best thing to do is be dismissive, right?

Remember, being an expert in a field and spending hours upon hours explaining, linking to wikipedia, old blog posts, *AN ENTIRE SEMESTER OF A CRITICAL THINKING INTRO CLASS, FROM OXFORD UNIVERSITY* is now "Hiding."

Remember, giving mountains of evidence, and constantly destroying what you say, responding more eloquently and in detail to everything you say, is now... hiding.

BONUS: He was the one that ignored me on facebook, ran away, then came back to my blog a day later to prove he's still the most moronic person on the face of the planet.

Fucked. In. The. Head.

But remember, if you don't have a diploma, can't even understand concepts you'd learn in an intro class, and are too stupid to realize that You have no intellect in which to intellectually engage. Look at yourself.
Still too stupid to learn he ignorant he is.

Still too stupid to realize I've utterly destroyed him.

He thinks destroying everything he said, and proving he is an uneducated imbecile, while responding to everything he says then making sure everyone can see it, and posting on my facebook so everyone can see how moronic you are the same as "Hiding" While he, ashamed of himself, ignored me on facebook and is trying to hide his ignorance as much as possible.

That is how broken he is. HILARIOUS!

This is why he, undoubtedly, isn't posting all this on his facebook.

This is why friends he worked with, if I recall, for years, end friendships simply because he's showing how ignorant he is.

Pages and pages of words, by an expert, showing how ignorant he is...

He still doesn't understand it.

Fucking. Hilarious.

High school diploma holding imbecile, mad at the expert for being an expert. Absolutely peg his psyche and all his future moves, then continues to play into them.

Anyhow, I agree. Lets find a PhD in philosophy to moderate. This will be hilarious!

Post this on your facebook, please, my woefully ignorant Dunning-Kruger. All of it, I want to see everyone who you've been 'friends' with run away from you when you show yourself for who you are :-D


Typing fifty times more than he does, being infinitely more educated, and destroying everything he says and proving it wrong, is "Hiding behind a 90 pound girl."

For clarity: That was one of his friends who read what he said and was so embarassed for him, realized he was too stupid to be friends with. To him, all these words I write, all the education I have, the destruction of everything he says, including my perfectly predicting what he will do next, is now "Hiding"

See how fucked in the head this guy is?

Please, post this and everything else on your facebook. Talk to every expert in logic, every philosopher, even every mathematician you can find. Show them all of this. Please. Or do you accept that living in an ignorance bubble is all you can do?

Holy shit, this guy is the epitome of broken

Read that. Laugh, hard.

I don't know how much more simple I can put this, because after 4 days and countless words, he still can't comprehend it. It's gone from hilarious to sad and pathetic.

If you don't understand logic, you cannot have any meaningful debate/argument.
You don't know logic.
You cannot have any meaningful debate/argument.

If A, then B. A. Therefore B.

It's that simple, and he still doesn't understand after 4 days, linked to a dozen free resources to teach him

It's not opinion, it's not empiricism, it's a fact built into the universe. It is as true as:

"If you don't understand mathematics, you can't solve any meaningful mathematics problems
You don't understand mathematics
Therefore you can't solve any meaningful math problems."


"If you don't have any hands, you cannot clap your hands together.
You don't have any hands.
Therefore, you cannot clap your hands together.

Four days. 5 Wikipedia links given to him. Full access to all my blogs. Given Access to an entire semester of a philosophy class. Mind you: THESE ARE THINGS I LINKED TO HIM, SO HE CAN LEARN. HE, HIMSELF, HAS DONE NOTHING BUT CONTINUE TO WALLOW IN IGNORANCE AND THE DUNNING-KRUGER EFFECT, AND DONE NOTHING TO EDUCATE HIMSELF. (Caps for super emphasis)

He still can't comprehend a three line argument.

Note: I sure hope he's so proud of himself he's linking all his posts on his facebook, like I am. Otherwise, Tsk Tsk. Actions are telling, sweetie. Not doing so proves you're perfectly pegged in my "Being Right" post. Because if you're not an imbecile, you'll gladly share it with everyone <3. Anything for the woefully uneducated and unintelligent to help make them pretend they're not ignorant.
Except after 4 days he still hasn't learned what you would in day one of a class, all of which would teach him he's an imbecile. It's why people like him are, well, so pathetic. Ignorant of everything, but deluded and arrogant enough to believe he knows what he's talking about, despite not even knowing what the basic words mean. Also: For my mirroring point: You see how he tries to keep calling out fallacies, but doesn't even know what they are, even the most basic of them, Ad Hominem.  Dunning-Kruger effect is so rampant. Hey, expert in the field, I don't know what a fallacy is... but you're committing one, I said so!

I wonder who's an uneducated dolt who constantly embarrass himself by speaking to an expert in logic, reason, argumentation and debate. Really, there's not much more to say, but it's hilarious to see how deep this guy will dig into his delusion that he's not an uneducated moron. I mean, I wanted to speak in Symbolic logic just for a few minutes, so he could show he had the competency to make an argument (he can't, no more than a child) but... hey, when you know nothing, you can never realize how ignorant you are, eh? If only there was some sort of proof someone knew what they were talking about, hrm...